Puppies, Pools, Family, and Yule


I’ve failed once again at blogging regularly. I wonder if I’ll ever be any good at this! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or any other holiday that you may celebrate. We traveled down to south FL to visit with my family for Christmas. Thank goodness we have well behaved K9 travelers, even though Lilly was trying to gas us out of the truck on the way down. We watched Josh’s temperature gauge on his truck on the way down and took bets on how much warmer it would be down there than up here- about 20 degrees! Needless to say, Lilly was happy when we got to grandmas and the sun was shining. First thing she did was run to the porch door and wait for someone to open it for her, then sprint to the pool and jump right in. I swear she was a dolphin in her past life. Or more likely, a shark.

I say more likely a shark because God forbid someone else is in the water with her. She will climb on top of you and you’ll probably drown. Not because she means to drown you, but rather she wants to play and doesn’t realize that wrestling in the water is much different than on land. Bruno decided to get all the way in with a little encouragement and sure enough, Lilly jumped in right on top of him and clung on. Fully clothed, I had to jump into the COLD water and pull her off because she was accidentally drowning him. Poor guy. I got her off and he doggy paddled to the steps, a little traumatized but no worse for wear. He decided that this was the way to enjoy the water from then on:

Probably a smart plan, Bruno. At least until Lilly is removed from the equation!

In other news, we had a nice Christmas with the family. It was nice to visit with everyone and I was ultra proud of my big furry boy for being so wonderful with the children. Having Lilly there as backup made him so much more confident and social, and the kids were able to love on them both. Lilly, of course, just wanted to lick them to death, hence her new tag:

Overall, it was a fun and fairly uneventful Christmas vacation. I leave you with some photos of Lilly’s shenanigans and hopes that everyone has a wonderful remainder of the holiday season and a happy new year!

So long now!


Cuddles and Collars


So the day after my post complaining about the weather in FL, it was cold and rainy. Apparently I left out cold and rainy days in my list of nasty kinds of days that Florida has. Then, the following day, it got sunny, cool, and absolutely gorgeous out. I left those days out too, I guess. So this was just a big “up yours” from FL proving me wrong in more than one way.

I’ll stop boring you all with talk about the weather, what am I, 80 years old? So in other news, I bought the dogs new collars yesterday. They’re not here yet, but expect loads of pictures when the arrive. It’s money I really shouldn’t spend, but something about those cute little faces makes all rationality fly out the window. One day, when I’m rich, I’ll have the most spoiled rotten dogs ever. But for now, some love and dog biscuits will have to suffice. And it seems that it just might.

This is Lilly’s first experience (that she probably remembers) with cold weather. She’s all kinds of confused as to how to stay warm. Looks like we’re gonna have to look out for a deal on a weatherbeeta blanket for her cute little behind. She loves to lay by the fire at night with me:

After staring at a pile of blankets for a couple of minutes, she finally decided that her mental powers just were not strong enough to make them cover her on their own, so she nuzzled her way into my blankets and cuddled on the couch with me, nice and warm. Had to make her a blanket nest to sleep in last night, poor little baby jumped up in bed and under the covers to spoon with me, but mean old daddy came to bed and there was no more room for Lilly.

And before I sign off for the day, here’s just a picture that makes me laugh:

Blogging Failure


You already know this, but I’m a complete blogging failure. I got so caught up with school that I forgot about my blog until I got a random email saying that I got my first actual subscription today. Wow.. someone remembered my blog before I did. Fail.

So to make up for my complete lack of dedication, I will fill you in on the last month. (Aren’t you so excited, my life is just thrilling, after all…)

So the last you all knew, the furry things were frolicking in the woods and we thought it was finally fall. Well we were wrong. We are currently in the in-between season called FloridaSucks. It’s 90 degrees in the afternoon, and 50 degrees at night. So basically, when I wake up and have to walk to class every day at 7 A.M., it’s cold, and I have to wear warm clothes. But by the time I go home in the afternoon, I’m sweating bullets. Layers are a person having to deal with the season FloridaSucks best friend. Start out with some shorts, put on some sweatpants over top of them, a tee-shirt, with a sweater. As the day goes on, first you shed the sweats. Then the sweater. Then you contemplate shedding the shorts and tee-shirt, but your conscience gets the best of you before you make that mistake (hopefully).

We’ve had some really nice days, but it always happens that on the nice days, you’re busy. Then you think “Wow, it’s been really nice the past couple days, we should do something outside tomorrow!” and tomorrow rolls around and it’s either:

A) raining


C) raining AND really hot

Somebody give Florida some anti-menopausal medication or we’re talking divorce here. She’ll cheer up for a month or so then do this again. The season of FloridaSucks happens about 3 times a year. Once right before Fall for about a month, once in the middle of “winter” (florida doesn’t really have winter.. though that’s what the old people call it) for a couple weeks, and once right before Spring (which is really just summer starting early) for another month.

The furry ones are doing well, continuing to do what they do best- sleep when we have time to play with them, and play when we don’t. Shed all over the house, destroy whatever they can, but most of all, look super cute doing it. (That’s what counts).

Here are some pictures from last month: Hopefully these are cute enough to make up for my blogging failure.

THIS is why Bruno’s tag says “Can’t Holy My Licker”

“Shhh, we’re hunting squirrels…

My favorite Bruno expression.. “Say what??”

And showing how big Lilly is getting… !

Finally Fall?


Clearly, I’ve been a blog-slacker lately. The semester started, and blogging, as well as my social life fell to the back burner. Shame shame. But now I have a hold on things and hopefully will get back to it. *hopefully*

At least I have an excuse for slacking.. I’ve been outside! The FL weather decided to go from scolding 100’s to mild mid 70’s in about 3 seconds flat. I’m loving it, and can’t wait to plan some hiking/camping trips with the furballs soon! (So they can shed outside instead of in my house!) Along with the cool weather came energy. Unfortunately, not for me. For the fuzzy ones. The past couple days have been park-3-times-a-day kind of days to get the zoomies out. Silly mutts.

I took a study break on Tuesday to go with Josh and the pups to a park we’ve never been to called Lake Jackson Mounds. It’s an old indian mound with some nature trails and such surrounding it. Very Pretty! Of course, me being me, I forgot the camera. Phone pictures will have to do. The dogs had a great time- pouncing on bugs, frolicking in the creek, jumping around on logs, and just being dogs! Side note- going to get Bruno a hiking backpack, if anybody has any suggestions on what to get, feel free to speak up!


Splashing in the creek

Hugs for mom!

I think we finally found something that wore him out… What do you think?

Surf’s Up, Dawg!


Finally back home from vacation. I don’t say “finally” because I really wanted to come back, I say it because we can sleep with the dogs in the crate again and I have my camera cord now! So I can bug you all with loads and loads of pictures. Muahahaha (that’s my evil laugh… it needs work.)

South Florida decided to stay sunny long enough for us to swim at Grandma’s a few times, and hit the dog beach! Bruno was much less reserved at the beach. Something about being able to get in gradually? I don’t really know, it was just better in his eyes than a sparkling, crystal clear pool. They both ran and swam and played their little hearts out, and were exhausted for two days after. Thank goodness. Bruno is the genius who ingested his weight in salt water (despite the fact that there was a giant bowl of cold fresh water on the beach for him..) and this resulted in pretty bad stomach upset upon leaving the beach. Yay for having a 45 minute car ride home with a sick dog! Argh. It was worth it for the pictures and the tired puppies!

Lilly tried to leave the beach with another family, apparently we’re just not good enough. Bruno made friends with a Yorkie about the size of his right pinky toe.. he’s a strange one. He really did get all the way in the water though, which surprised me. I have picture proof!

Unfortunately, the furrballs are fully recovered from vacation and have their full amounts of energy back now… really wishing we had a pool for Lilly to wear herself out in. I think after a full week of fun, they’re bored here without us taking them places every day. Poor, neglected pooches.

Onwards to pictures… Hope you have unlimited time for this. Though I do show some mercy every once in a while, so I will not include all of the pictures for the sake of you having time to do anything else today…



Here we are in not-so-sunny south FL. For any mothers out there that are reading this- Have you ever taken your child somewhere, or visited someone and been afraid they will never be the same after said time spent there? As in, they will love it so much that they won’t want to go home? And I’m not talking Disney World or something like that, just someone’s house that is SO MUCH MORE FUN than yours? Well that’s my dogs at Grandma’s house. I think when we go home, they may just hate us. They are so spoiled here, attention 24/7, toys everywhere, (really just to keep them from chewing on anybody else’s stuff, but they don’t know that) and best of all- a pool. Ladies and gentleman, I think I have proven reincarnation is real stuff. Lilly is not a dog at all, but a fish reborn in a dog’s body. No joke. Keeping her out of the water is like trying to take candy from a child.

Now, I’ve known dogs that like water, but this is beyond that. This is borderline an obsession. She will swim herself to exhaustion and we still can’t keep her out. I’m actually afraid she will swim herself to death… On the other hand, Bruno wants nothing to do with the water. He loves to sit in it, as long as his paws are on the ground. Too bad, he’s a fantastic swimmer. (As he ought to be with paws the size of my head..) But he basks in the sun on the first step of the pool. Compromise is a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera…..

cord. But no worries my friends, I got plenty of shots of the goobers in the pool. Won’t be able to share them until I get home though.

I really think that they will protest leaving here and for a few days after we get home we will probably get the “you guys are no fun” treatment. Oh well. Maybe we will just stay forever? After all, we are getting the royal treatment being here.. I think my mom is actually trying to con us into moving back by treating us so well! I may or may not be considering it.. screw my hopes and dreams, I want my mommy! If only it were that easy.

Can’t wait to get home and get these pictures uploaded, but for now, all I have is a picture of how tuckered out they are after a day at Grandma’s house…



Full is the best word I could come up with to describe today.

In about an hour, we are having a couple of good friends come over for a little BBQ get together. Eat a couple burgers, knock back a few sodas, and lord knows I can eat potato chips like I’m getting paid for it. Before they get here though, we are busy packing for a trip down to south FL to visit my family. (YAY!) After the BBQ festivities are done, we are loading up the car. And let me tell you, there will be no room to spare. 2 dogs, a cripple, and I, along with all of our stuff (the furballs have a LOT of stuff.. spoiled) will begin the 5 hour trek to my mother’s house.

*Dramamine will be my lifesaver today. The big black furry one can make it about 30 minutes in a moving vehicle before the contents of his stomach evacuate. All over my backseat. You can be damn sure he’s gonna be drugged up for this trip!

Once we arrive at the lovely abode in which I grew up, my mom will be bombarded with a black ball of shedding fur, and an orange ball of french-kissing fur. As well as lots of hugs from the cripple and I. My mom has 3 cats and one little dog. Come tonight, she will have 3 cats, 3 dogs, and 4 humans in her home. Poor, poor woman. Come to think of it, maybe I should bring her a bottle of wine as a gift from the gods of Sanity.

While we are visiting sunny south Florida, we will be making the rounds to visit my grandmother, aunt, and cousins. Let me take a moment to enlighten you on the awesomeness that is my family- My grandmother is the sweetest woman on the face of the earth. Everyone who meets her tells me that she is the coolest grandma ever, and I’d have to agree with that statement. My aunt and my mother take after her quite well. Both women to look up to. And my little cousins, let me tell you.. one of these days, folks, I have no doubt that I could be proud to say that one, or both, of MY cousins have won the Nobel Prize. Or become president. Or discovered the cure for cancer… etc etc etc. They are such smart little cookies! All in all, I love spending time with my family. They make me laugh, think, and most of all, feel at home.

If you can’t already tell, I’m pretty excited to visit. Overall, today is one full day. Our tummies will be full, our car will be full, the house will be full, and all of our arms will be full of people and animals to hug.

I will leave you with a picture of the saggy lipped, floppy eared furball looking oh-so-pleased with the amount of room I left for him on the couch.