Monthly Archives: September 2011

Finally Fall?


Clearly, I’ve been a blog-slacker lately. The semester started, and blogging, as well as my social life fell to the back burner. Shame shame. But now I have a hold on things and hopefully will get back to it. *hopefully*

At least I have an excuse for slacking.. I’ve been outside! The FL weather decided to go from scolding 100’s to mild mid 70’s in about 3 seconds flat. I’m loving it, and can’t wait to plan some hiking/camping trips with the furballs soon! (So they can shed outside instead of in my house!) Along with the cool weather came energy. Unfortunately, not for me. For the fuzzy ones. The past couple days have been park-3-times-a-day kind of days to get the zoomies out. Silly mutts.

I took a study break on Tuesday to go with Josh and the pups to a park we’ve never been to called Lake Jackson Mounds. It’s an old indian mound with some nature trails and such surrounding it. Very Pretty! Of course, me being me, I forgot the camera. Phone pictures will have to do. The dogs had a great time- pouncing on bugs, frolicking in the creek, jumping around on logs, and just being dogs! Side note- going to get Bruno a hiking backpack, if anybody has any suggestions on what to get, feel free to speak up!


Splashing in the creek

Hugs for mom!

I think we finally found something that wore him out… What do you think?