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Cuddles and Collars


So the day after my post complaining about the weather in FL, it was cold and rainy. Apparently I left out cold and rainy days in my list of nasty kinds of days that Florida has. Then, the following day, it got sunny, cool, and absolutely gorgeous out. I left those days out too, I guess. So this was just a big “up yours” from FL proving me wrong in more than one way.

I’ll stop boring you all with talk about the weather, what am I, 80 years old? So in other news, I bought the dogs new collars yesterday. They’re not here yet, but expect loads of pictures when the arrive. It’s money I really shouldn’t spend, but something about those cute little faces makes all rationality fly out the window. One day, when I’m rich, I’ll have the most spoiled rotten dogs ever. But for now, some love and dog biscuits will have to suffice. And it seems that it just might.

This is Lilly’s first experience (that she probably remembers) with cold weather. She’s all kinds of confused as to how to stay warm. Looks like we’re gonna have to look out for a deal on a weatherbeeta blanket for her cute little behind. She loves to lay by the fire at night with me:

After staring at a pile of blankets for a couple of minutes, she finally decided that her mental powers just were not strong enough to make them cover her on their own, so she nuzzled her way into my blankets and cuddled on the couch with me, nice and warm. Had to make her a blanket nest to sleep in last night, poor little baby jumped up in bed and under the covers to spoon with me, but mean old daddy came to bed and there was no more room for Lilly.

And before I sign off for the day, here’s just a picture that makes me laugh:


Blogging Failure


You already know this, but I’m a complete blogging failure. I got so caught up with school that I forgot about my blog until I got a random email saying that I got my first actual subscription today. Wow.. someone remembered my blog before I did. Fail.

So to make up for my complete lack of dedication, I will fill you in on the last month. (Aren’t you so excited, my life is just thrilling, after all…)

So the last you all knew, the furry things were frolicking in the woods and we thought it was finally fall. Well we were wrong. We are currently in the in-between season called FloridaSucks. It’s 90 degrees in the afternoon, and 50 degrees at night. So basically, when I wake up and have to walk to class every day at 7 A.M., it’s cold, and I have to wear warm clothes. But by the time I go home in the afternoon, I’m sweating bullets. Layers are a person having to deal with the season FloridaSucks best friend. Start out with some shorts, put on some sweatpants over top of them, a tee-shirt, with a sweater. As the day goes on, first you shed the sweats. Then the sweater. Then you contemplate shedding the shorts and tee-shirt, but your conscience gets the best of you before you make that mistake (hopefully).

We’ve had some really nice days, but it always happens that on the nice days, you’re busy. Then you think “Wow, it’s been really nice the past couple days, we should do something outside tomorrow!” and tomorrow rolls around and it’s either:

A) raining


C) raining AND really hot

Somebody give Florida some anti-menopausal medication or we’re talking divorce here. She’ll cheer up for a month or so then do this again. The season of FloridaSucks happens about 3 times a year. Once right before Fall for about a month, once in the middle of “winter” (florida doesn’t really have winter.. though that’s what the old people call it) for a couple weeks, and once right before Spring (which is really just summer starting early) for another month.

The furry ones are doing well, continuing to do what they do best- sleep when we have time to play with them, and play when we don’t. Shed all over the house, destroy whatever they can, but most of all, look super cute doing it. (That’s what counts).

Here are some pictures from last month: Hopefully these are cute enough to make up for my blogging failure.

THIS is why Bruno’s tag says “Can’t Holy My Licker”

“Shhh, we’re hunting squirrels…

My favorite Bruno expression.. “Say what??”

And showing how big Lilly is getting… !