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Puppies, Pools, Family, and Yule


I’ve failed once again at blogging regularly. I wonder if I’ll ever be any good at this! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or any other holiday that you may celebrate. We traveled down to south FL to visit with my family for Christmas. Thank goodness we have well behaved K9 travelers, even though Lilly was trying to gas us out of the truck on the way down. We watched Josh’s temperature gauge on his truck on the way down and took bets on how much warmer it would be down there than up here- about 20 degrees! Needless to say, Lilly was happy when we got to grandmas and the sun was shining. First thing she did was run to the porch door and wait for someone to open it for her, then sprint to the pool and jump right in. I swear she was a dolphin in her past life. Or more likely, a shark.

I say more likely a shark because God forbid someone else is in the water with her. She will climb on top of you and you’ll probably drown. Not because she means to drown you, but rather she wants to play and doesn’t realize that wrestling in the water is much different than on land. Bruno decided to get all the way in with a little encouragement and sure enough, Lilly jumped in right on top of him and clung on. Fully clothed, I had to jump into the COLD water and pull her off because she was accidentally drowning him. Poor guy. I got her off and he doggy paddled to the steps, a little traumatized but no worse for wear. He decided that this was the way to enjoy the water from then on:

Probably a smart plan, Bruno. At least until Lilly is removed from the equation!

In other news, we had a nice Christmas with the family. It was nice to visit with everyone and I was ultra proud of my big furry boy for being so wonderful with the children. Having Lilly there as backup made him so much more confident and social, and the kids were able to love on them both. Lilly, of course, just wanted to lick them to death, hence her new tag:

Overall, it was a fun and fairly uneventful Christmas vacation. I leave you with some photos of Lilly’s shenanigans and hopes that everyone has a wonderful remainder of the holiday season and a happy new year!

So long now!