Chapter 7: “__________”


The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. A quick recap: I graduated from FSU with by B.S. in Psychology (and minor in Chemistry… don’t ask), I turned 22, I enjoyed a lovely visit from my family, and began a new chapter in life. That chapter doesn’t have a title yet, but neither did this post when I began writing it so I’m confident that given some time, this chapter of life will find a title as well.

Obviously, there is a lot of change going on lately. One bit of change that I’m finding myself quite fond of is this: when I come home from work, I get to do a little something called “relaxing”. I think most college students can attest to the unfamiliarity of this concept, likely due to the constant nagging in the back of your mind when you try to do so. (“I should be studying! If I don’t study, I will surely fail! I can’t even enjoy this movie because I’m thinking about my Organic Chemistry final next week!”)

Another bit of this change that I’m not so fond of is somewhat related… what do you do with that time? I almost miss studying. I have some deranged version of Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve developed some strange feelings of appreciation for the institution that held me captive for the past 4 years. I think I need a hobby.

Ok, moving on to bigger and better things. I used my “relaxing time” today to play ball with the dogs. I went a bit snap happy with my new i-phone. Yeah so, it took a while to figure out how to use the camera. And make phone calls. And do everything else on it… but I managed to get a few cute shots.

Without further ado:

There is no greater bliss than Bruno with a tennis ball





And it’s not a good time unless the ball leaves slobber marks when engaged in post-play bouncingMay8-8

Lilly didn’t get left out, mom just forgot her camera during her play sessionMay8-9


About Dani

My name is Dani. I'm married to my soulmate and we are expecting our first child... well, our first human child anyway. We have two children of the canine variety as well, Bruno and Lilly. This space is dedicated to documenting our life as a family.

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